Miri Presents Soup & Scholars Tuesday, April 18 2017 12:00 – 2:00 pm

Join a panel of scholars for a lively and informal discussion of some of McMaster’s current and planned Indigenous research: from cancer, to water, to effects of Indigenous knowledge on well-being, and intergenerational interactions. Learn something new, meet people from across campus, build McMaster’s interdisciplinary intellectual community, and forge new collaborations.

Each panelist will present for ~3 minutes, followed by general discussion, and then panelists will disperse among tables for continued informal discussion over lunch/coffee/dessert.

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Juliet Daniel, Biology

Chelsea Gabel, Director, McMaster Indigenous Research Institute; Health, Aging and Society/Indigenous Studies Program

Dawn Martin-Hill, Paul R. McPherson Chair in Indigenous Studies, Anthropology

Katherine Minich, Indigenous Studies Program

Jessica Pace, Health, Aging and Society

Vanessa Watts, Director, Indigenous Studies Program


Allison Sekuler, Strategic Advisor to the President & Vice-Presidents on Academic Issues

Soup & Scholars is free for faculty, postdocs, graduate and undergraduate students.

A light lunch will be served starting at 12, panel discussion starts at 12:30 – seating may be limited.