Development of the McMaster Indigenous Education and Indigenous Research Strategies

November 1, 2019

In 1989, the Six Nations Confederacy and McMaster University co-hosted the first Drum Beat conference to mark the beginning of new possibilities for Six Nations and McMaster to raise the presence of Ogwehoweh people on campus. 

Over the next year, the Indigenous Education Council of McMaster and the McMaster Indigenous Research Institute will build upon three decades of work to support Indigenous Knowledges and peoples through the development of McMaster’s Indigenous Education and Indigenous Research strategies. These Indigenous-led strategies will guide Indigenous equity and inclusion at McMaster University to ensure Indigenous ways of learning and knowing are recognized and supported on-campus and beyond. 

A core planning team of Indigenous faculty and staff at McMaster has been formed to guide the development of the strategies including identifying strategy goals and considerations, working principles, and providing recommendations to ensure all who wish to contribute have the opportunity to share their ideas.  

Assisting in the development of both strategies is Senior Consultant Kim Scott of Kishk Anaquot Health Research.  Kim will be meeting regularly with the steering committee and lead the November Strategic Planning sessions. These sessions will include local Indigenous community leaders, Indigenous students, Indigenous faculty and staff as well as key university administrators. Additional engagement opportunities will be scheduled throughout the winter and spring semester. All of these important conversations will inform and guide the development of both strategies. 

We look forward to the engaging dialogue over the coming months that brings forth bold ideas about the future of Indigenous education and research at McMaster and in our communities. Thank you for your continued engagement and contributions in this important work.  


Key Activities Scheduled
Review/synthesis of previous McMaster education/research strategies with Indigenous focus  November 15, 2019 
Drafting Updated Mission/Vision/Rationale Statements November 22, 2019 
Onsite strategy session internal/external engagement  November 30, 2019 
Electronic internal/external engagement to secure validation of results of November session January 30, 2020 
Indigenous Inclusion and Strategic Education/ Research Plan  February 28, 2020 

Core Planning Team:
Randy Jackson, Assistant Professor – School of Social Work and Department of Health Aging & Society | Academic Co-Chair, Indigenous Education Council

Bernice Downey, Assistant Professor | Indigenous Health Initiative Lead, School of Nursing / Department of Psychiatry & Behavioural Neuroscience, Faculty of Health Science | Acting Director, McMaster Indigenous Research Institute

Chelsea Gabel, Associate Professor | Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Well-Being, Community Engagement, and Innovation | Acting Academic Director, Indigenous Studies Program

Shylo Elmayan, Director of Indigenous Student Services

Strategy Consultant:
Kim Scott, Senior Consultant of Kishk Anaquot Health Research

Special Projects Coordinator:
Eulene V. Bomberry

Updates on the development of the McMaster University Indigenous Education Strategy and Indigenous Research Strategy will be shared here and across MIRI social media platforms.