IndigiNerds Eligibility, Support & Requirements


Indigenous students currently registered in an undergraduate program at any Canadian University (priority given to upper year – third or fourth year students) are eligible to apply to IndigiNerds.

Indigenous scholars who have obtained an undergraduate degree and are considering graduate school are also eligible to apply to IndigiNerds.

Students who have not participated in the program previously will be given priority over those who have.

Students must be prepared to dedicate full-time hours to the program; part-time employment is permitted up to 15 hours per week.


IndigiNerds Scholars receive funding in the form of a research scholarship of $6,000. The funding is intended to support the student financially while they complete their research full-time over the course of eight weeks. The funding is paid in two installments (direct deposit) after the student completes the registration and banking information processes.

Other supports available to IndigiNerds Scholars for the in-person program: 

  • Housing stipend (if living on campus is required)
  • Reimbursement for travel to and from the program
  • Modest meal card for daily food expenses on campus
  • Modest childcare stipend for children under 12 (for scholars with childcare responsibilities)

Research Projects & Supervision

Students and supervisors will be matched by the IndigiNerds program team based on faculty availability and mutual research/academic interests.  


  • Scholars are required to create an academic poster or presentation about their research and present it during a closing reception and poster session. Training on how to create and present an academic poster will be provided as part of IndigiNerds program curriculum, and time to prepare the poster will be allotted within the scholar’s regular research hours.
  • Scholars are required to work full-time on their research project, unless otherwise negotiated with the faculty supervisor for the duration of the program.
  • The student’s research question, scope, and methodology will be negotiated between supervisor and student
  • Students should maintain regular communication with their supervisor (or designate) regarding research progress, milestones, challenges, etc.
  • The type of research project each scholar undertakes may vary considerably from others in the program, even within a particular discipline.
  • The style of research supervision students receive will vary considerably. For example, some Scholars may experience a more hands-on approach, daily contact with the supervisor, while others may have a more hands-off experience, with perhaps weekly contact.
    • In most cases, students will be working more independently than they would in a typical undergraduate environment as the research is more self-directed.
  • One day of your work week is dedicated to IndigiNerds programming – workshops and other activities

How to Apply

To apply to IndigiNerds, please review the How to Apply page

Other Questions

If you have a question about IndigiNerds not answered here, please contact


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