MIRI Researchers

Nicole Bouchard

2022 IndigiNerds Scholar
Educational Background

Nicole Bouchard was a visiting Law, Criminology and Society student from Wilfred Laurier University.

Student Highlight

The Faculty of Social Science, Department of Sociology in partnership with McMaster Indigenous Research Institute


How do Aunties Feel About Bikinis?

Over the 8 weeks of research supervised by Dr. Vanessa Watts, Nicole conducted community-based research through interviewing four Indigenous aunties between the ages of 45-55 on their views and experiences with bikinis. Two women were from a northern First Nation community and two were from a southern First Nation community, all living on reserve.

Results showed that half of the participants had a supportive mother growing up and all participants today were supportive of the next generation of Indigenous women wearing whatever bathing suit is comfortable for them.

Click here to view Nicole’s poster.

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